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Creator and designer, Arnaud Ozharun, has been in the
business of beauty care for the last 36 years. He has an extensive and varied expertise in the beauty world acquired from five countries around the globe. He moved to the forefront of the Parisian beauty and wellness scene with his two Paris salons, with which he pioneered his vision of intertwining beauty and art.


Headscape Hair Studio is a hair salon and spa that is passionately dedicated to the complete needs of its clients: mind, body and soul.  Our Utopian atmosphere provides a​ diverse aesthetic to customers as well as a feeling of inspiration and community to its talent.


Arnaud is also the creative leader and partner of the European Hair and Skincare Company, NATURALMENTE®, that specializes in natural products that are 100% organic, biodynamic and eco-friendly.

He brings his vision of Beauty and Beyond to Los Angeles to continue his dream- helping people look beautiful inside and out.​​

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